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The below are all the works of art on exhibit or in storage at Erarta Galleries that fit your specified search parameters. You can apply desired criteria, including art type, configuration, colour scheme, size and other requirements in the smart filter system on the right-hand side of the page - for example, if you're looking for abstract art or landscape paintings, you can use the "Art Tags" field. You can also search for particular tags using the word cloud. If you would prefer to browse by artist, please either click on the individual you're interested in on this page or find them in the artists section and their personal page will include all their available works of art.

The majority of works of contemporary art for sale lie in the EUR 4,000 - EUR 15,000 price range. If you're interested in acquiring a particular work of art, we recommend contacting the gallery in which it's currently located. Using Erarta's worldwide network of galleries, we're able to lower your delivery costs by first delivering the work internally to the gallery that is closest to your location. We use New York for North and South America, London or Zurich for Europe and Africa, Hong Kong for Asia and Australia and Saint Petersburg for Russia and CIS.

Special train
Heroes 3
No name
1942, December
Heroes 2
Сrusaders. Variant 2
Russian village occupied
Heroes 1
Crusaders. Variant 1
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