Swimming Pool

Aleksandr Dashevsky: New and Recent Works

Erarta New York is pleaed to present the first New York exhibition of paintings by emerging Russian artist Aleksandr Dashevsky.

Garden I

Russian Emerging Art: The Current Works of Aleksandr Pesterev, Olga Bueva & Pavel Belyaev

The director of Erarta Galleries New York is pleased to announce the exhibition of current paintings by Russian artists Aleksandr Pesterev, Olga Bueva, and Pavel Belyaev. The exhibition will be held at Erarta Galleries from September 8th through October 22nd.


The Conditions Of Winter

Erarta Galleries London is proud to present a selection of recent paintings by Rinat Voligamsi. Entitled ‘The Conditions of Winter’, the works are based on found photographs depicting scenes of Russian military life in harsh winter settings. However, the content of each image is given a characteristically uncanny, surreal twist – an...

Flowers in Red Vase

Aleksandr Kosenkov

  • Dates: Wednesday, 26 October 2011 - Thursday, 12 January 2012
  • Artist(s): Aleksandr Kosenkov

Erarta New York is pleased to announce an exhibition of current paintings by Aleksandr Kosenkov. The eleven oil paintings in the exhibition show an artit working in a post soviet, post non-conformist world. The compositions are marked with a constant drive of renewal, picturing quotidian scenes that erupt with a coloratura musical sense of intense reds, blues, and greens. This marks his...

The New Russian Avant-Garde

The New Russian Avant-Garde

In '90's Russia, during the period of extreme social upheaval that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, art was viewed as an instrument of social change. Finally, artists had in their hands the means to exert their will on the world around them, in the great tradition of historical revolution. This new art had political overtones and a radical aesthetic characterized by a taste...

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