Hushed Forest , Andrey Mamaev

Hushed Forest

About this Exhibition


In celebration of the 2nd year of the Russian Art and Cultural Festival in Hong Kong and Macau and the Hong Kong Art Gallery Week 2015, Erarta Galleries Hong Kong is proud to present Hushed Forest, featuring a series of wondrous detailed works of the nature by the talented landscape painter from St. Petersburg, Andrey Mamaev.

Mamaev’s paintings, with a touch of romantic understanding of light and dedication to the natural world, bring audiences back to the mysterious Hushed Forest. His paintings fluidly carry light through each composition, guiding the viewer’s eyes through each piece and trail the bark, branches, and blades of grass of each landscape. His works are almost meditative in their sense of tranquility. Each stroke retains a graceful movement that has distinct function in the composition. Each work is built up through soft layers and layers of browns, lavenders, blues and ochres. 


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